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TEL:   +86-15921748232 (Whatsapp/Wechat)
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E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com
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TEL:   +86-15921748232 (Whatsapp/Wechat)

SKYPE:   aka1005240 

E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com





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What are the reasons for the sudden stop of the pump?

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When the pump runs suddenly, many people don't know the cause of this failure. When this problem is encountered, the first reaction is that there is a problem with the quality of the pump. Actually, there are many reasons for this problem, most of which are used. Or improper selection.
How to judge the cause and solution of the problem?
1. When the self-priming pump is selected, the suction stroke is too high, causing the pump to idle for a long time, and the liquid cannot be sucked up. Therefore, when choosing a self-priming pump, be sure to determine the self-priming height of the pump to meet your needs.
2. The impeller of the centrifugal pump or the pipeline is severely blocked. In this case, after a period of use, the impeller of the centrifugal pump is clogged due to the impurity particles in the pumped liquid. Before selecting a pump, first make sure that the liquid you are pumping contains particulate impurities (public number: pump housekeeper).
3. The pump generates air or there is a leak at the inlet line. Leakage of the pump inlet will also cause the pump to pump out liquid. Especially for the self-priming pump, if the leaking liquid is not sucked up, the inlet pipe of the pump must be sealed.
4. The packing in the stuffing box is not tightly sealed and wears out, causing air to leak into the pump casing. For example, if a single screw pump does not change the wearing parts for a long time, it is necessary to check whether the wearing parts are worn, including the mechanical seal or the packing.
5. Insufficient water inhalation during the process of pumping heat or functioning liquid. Ensure that the inlet of the pump is sufficient, the liquid is too small, and the pump is easily overloaded, causing the pump to stop.
6. The depth of the bottom valve or the inlet pipe is insufficient. This situation is similar to the fifth one, that is, the pump's inlet water is insufficient or there is an air pump that cannot be sucked up, which causes the motor to overload and cause parking.
7, the seal of the pump casing is damaged, this is also more common, because many pump seals are made of rubber. If the pumped liquid is high temperature or corrosive, such as IHF-fluorinated centrifugal pump, long-term use Corrosion of the gasket or aging of the gasket, causing the pump body to leak and leak.
All of the above may cause the pump to run without any trouble, which affects the work efficiency. Therefore, in our daily work, we mainly check the existing static pressure head to see if the pipeline at the entrance is reasonable, whether there are obstacles between the equipment, whether the inlet pipeline and the presence of air pockets are inspected, filled or Seal and timely check and replace, regularly lubricate, increase the suction head, communicate with the manufacturer in time to solve the problem, use the force of the baffle to eliminate the eddy current, strictly control the depth of the immersion according to the provisions of the manual, and can not ignore the gasket inspection. Replace it as required.
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