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TEL:   +86-15921748232 (Whatsapp/Wechat)
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E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com
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TEL:   +86-15921748232 (Whatsapp/Wechat)

SKYPE:   aka1005240 

E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com





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Sewage pump maintenance

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Sewage pumps have been paid more and more attention by people. From the original use of pure water to transport all kinds of domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, construction site drainage, liquid feed and so on. It plays a very important role in various industries such as municipal engineering, industry, hospitals, buildings, restaurants, and water conservancy construction. However, the most critical problem for the sewage pump is the reliability problem, because the sewage pump is used under the liquid; the medium to be conveyed is a mixed liquid containing solid materials; the pump is close to the motor; the pump is vertical Installation, the weight of the rotating parts is in the same direction as the impeller is subjected to water pressure. These problems make the sewage pump have higher requirements in sealing, motor bearing capacity, bearing installation and selection than the general sewage pump. In order to improve the life of the sewage pump, most manufacturers at home and abroad have found a way to protect the pump system, that is, when the pump leaks, overload, over temperature and other faults, it can automatically alarm and automatically stop the repair. It is necessary to install a protection system in the sewage pump, which can effectively protect the safe operation of the electric pump. But this is not the key to the problem. The protection system is only a remedy after the pump has failed, and it is a relatively passive approach. The key to the problem should be to start from the root and completely solve the problems of the pump in terms of sealing and overloading. This is a more active approach. To this end, the auxiliary impeller fluid dynamic sealing technology and the pump's no-overload technology are applied to the submersible sewage pump, which greatly improves the pump sealing reliability and carrying capacity, and prolongs the service life of the pump.
When the sewage pump collecting tank cannot close the drain pipe, the pump should have an uninterrupted power supply; when the drain pipe can be closed, there is no need for uninterrupted power supply, but an alarm device should be provided. When lifting sewage and wastewater with large impurities, the outlet pipes of submersible sewage pumps in different collection pools should not be combined and discharged. When the general wastewater is upgraded, the submersible sewage pump outlet pipes of different water collection tanks may be combined and discharged according to actual conditions. When two or more pumps share a single outlet, valves and check valves should be installed on each pump outlet. When a single pump drain may cause backflow, a check valve shall be provided. The pressure drainage is not allowed to be combined with the gravity drain in the building.
When the submersible sewage pump is lifted to contain large debris, the submersible sewage pump should be equipped with a crushing device; when lifting more sewage containing more fibrous materials, a large-channel submersible sewage pump should be used. When the motor power is greater than or equal to 7.5kW or the outlet diameter is greater than or equal to DN100, the pump can be used to fix the auto-coupling device; when the submersible sewage pump motor power is less than 7.5kW or the outlet diameter is less than DN100, the hose can be set. installation. When the sewage collection basin is drained by the submersible sewage pump, a water pump fixed auto-coupling device shall be provided to facilitate the inspection of the water pump. The drain pump should be able to start and stop automatically and manually start and stop on site. Multiple pumps can be operated in parallel or in sections.
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