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E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com
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TEL:   +86-15921748232 (Whatsapp/Wechat)

SKYPE:   aka1005240 

E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com





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Product name

Tank-type non-negative pressure water-supply equipment

Product description

Product overview

Tank-type non-negative pressure water equipment is developed on basic of the modular stainless steel water tank and constant-pressure converter water-supply equipment, and with installation of anti-negative pressure device, anti-backflow device and device of water quality prevention deterioration and other control devices. The device is the most advanced water-supply mode, with features of energy saving, low noise, high reliability and no influence of municipal pipeline pressure,compared with the normal converter water supply equipment and non- negative pressure water equipment.


Tank-type non-negative pressure water equipment can be series-connected with municipal pipe network,meantime to ensure that do not cause negative pressure to municipal pipe network.During peak period of water consumption, it can pressurized water inside sealed water tank by micro-computer control and converter pump, avoiding of the small flow of users need caused by insufficient supply of municipal pipeline.

Equipment Overview

Tank-type non-negative pressure water equipment means non-negative energy-saving converter water-supply equipment, to re-pressurized on basic of original water pressure of pipe network. It broke the misunderstandings of only re-pressurized non-negative water, and ensure the equipment limited boosting by control of fluid flow and state. Without additional pressure to municipal pipeline, and small fluctuation of water outlet pressure, and does not affect the network pressure of adjacent pipe. It can be directly used in pressurized water of distribution network, with great economic and social benefits.


1, The equipment directly to be series-connected onto municipal water pipeline, no need of water pool, saving land and money cost.

2, Take full use of existing water pressure of municipal pipeline, reducing the investment and saving power 50% -90%.

3, The equipment directly to be series-connected onto municipal water pipeline, completely avoiding of secondary pollution of water.

4, The equipment is running on fully sealed condition, saving the cost of decontamination of water pool and tank.

5, The equipment on intelligent and automatic operation, without staff on duty, saving administrative costs amounted to more than 95%.

6, Take use of advanced man-machine interface control system, real-time display of inlet water pressure, outlet water pressure, set pressure, the motor current, frequency and other operating parameters and operating status clearly and accurately, also display of simultaneously dynamic images and real images. "Fool" type of control system management, friendly man-machine communication, simple operation and reliable performance.

7, Take use of remote monitoring technology, to monitor and detect the equipment, with dual reliability assurance.

8, According to the demands, it can be equipped with a variety of interfaces, convenient to access to oxygen-add machine, ozone generators, ultraviolet disinfection equipment and so on.

9, Small footprint, compact structure, easy installment, mirror treatment of appearance, higher grade.

Equipment principle

Non-negative pressure device is turned off when the municipal water supply network ≤ 0.2Mpa (can be freely set 0.2-0.4Mpa), and non-negative pressure inlet water device is opened, water supply from the tank; at contrary non-negative pressure device to open and non-negative pressure inlet water equipment shut down, delay 10 minutes (adjustable), when the public water supply pipe network pressure ≥ 0.2Mpa, water supply from municipal water pipeline network. The storage water inside non-negative pressure tank circles every six hours through intelligent control to ensure the quality of fresh and pure. Converter pump runs at a certain speed, to ensure constant pressure by composition of existing water pressure. Converter pump-inlet connection with non-negative pressure device and non-negative pressure inlet water equipment,to reach the water pipe network without non-negative pressure through opening and stopping of non-negative pressure device,meantime non-negative pressure inlet water equipment makes the opposite action. Non- negative pressure device automatically shuts down when municipal water network without water, non-negative pressure water inlet device automatically opens and water supply from the tank. When the water level down to a certain extent, non-negative pressure water inlet device automatically shuts down, the equipment automatically shuts down and automatically put into operation when the restoration.

Specific instructions

1.Ensure pipeline pressure: Adjust water consumption at peak time, the intelligent solenoid valve at tank entrance to control water inlet pressure and water level. When the pipeline pressure drop and water supply from the tank through boosting pump by intelligent control, when the tank water level falls below a certain level, then open the solenoid valve to drainage from the pipe network, and ensure a certain pressure at water intake site. This measurement can avoid the water peak time and zero pressure drainage from common tank, good protection of municipal water pressure.

2.Unique configuration: Take use of international advanced technology for key components, and with special pump,such as water-cooled motor, water-cooled bearings, fully sealed structure, noise below 50 decibels, prevent from burning out of motor overheat .

3.Operational reliability: At water consumption peak or no water from municipal pipeline, water supply from the tank, greatly improving the reliability of water consumption, full compliance with specification of water supply.

4.Environmental pollution: The water tanks, pumps, pipes and valves are all made of stainless steel material of food grade, sealed water supply, no secondary pollution, health and environmental protection.

5.Energy saving: Boosting pump dormant by control of converter when water pressure to meet the requirements of users; boosting pump can be superimposed on basis of municipal water pressure (0.2-0.5MPa) when the non-peak water consumption and water pressure cannot reach demands of users ,to make up the rest pressure to save energy, energy saving effect is remarkable.


1.Geographical scope: Suitable for pressurized water distribution network;

2.Project type: The production, domestic water, water plant booster pump station of industrial and mining enterprises;

3. Project site: secondary pressurized water system;

4.Other applications: New construction, renovation, expansion of residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, restaurants and other public buildings, domestic water supply;

5. Unit types: design units, construction units, supervision units

The differences

1, Non-negative pressure water supply mainly by steady-flow compensator, and series-connection with municipal tap water, take use of 100% of the original pressure,and steady-flow compensator is fully sealed pressure vessel , completely isolated from the outside world, the complete elimination of water pollution.

2, Non-negative pressure water supply with stable pressure, while the water pressure of pool changes always, anti-stable.

3,Non-negative pressure water supply can operate automatically, without special manual management, high integrity of product structure, saving time and effort.

4, Water supply from pool needs to build the pool, the workload is relatively large, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and long working time.

Equipment installation sequence

1, Non-negative pressure water supply equipment package transported to the site, with basement and installed motor and without removing the pump and motor when leveling basement.

2,Basement on the foundation and wedge pad horn near ground screw,to elevate the basement about 20-40 mm, then fill with water slurry after leveling.

3, Check the levelness of the basement with spirit level, wrench foot nut and fill with water slurry after leveling.

4, Check the levelness again after 3-4 days for the cement to dry.

5, Clean the dirty from flat planar base, pump foot, motor foot and put the pump and motor on the base.

6, Adjust the level of the shaft, tighten the nuts after proper leveling, then installed the motor after adjustment, leave some gaps between the pump and coupling.

7, Spirit level on the coupling, then check the pump axis is coincident with the motor axis. If not, put pad sheet under foot of the motor or pump, so that the cylindrical of two coupling to be level with spirit level. Then replace the slices of thin sheet iron by a piece of iron plate,and re-check the installation situation. In order to check the accuracy of the installation, with a feeler to measure the gap of two coupling plane at several opposite positions. The differences between minimum and maximum gap of coupling plane should be less than 0.3 mm. The differences between horizontal or vertical center line at both ends shall not exceed 0.1 mm. Non-negative pressure water supply equipment after carefully processing and assembly, with small vibration, so it is NOT recommended to install the insulator. Under normal circumstances, it's recommended to directly connect with the foundation.

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