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TEL:   +86-15921748232 (Whatsapp/Wechat)
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E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com
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TEL:   +86-15921748232 (Whatsapp/Wechat)

SKYPE:   aka1005240 

E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com





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Product name

BY type centrifugal oil pump

Petroleum refining and transporting petroleum processing apparatus. flammable, explosive, toxic cleaning liquids and other similar liquids.
Product description
Product Overview
BY type centrifugal oil pump includes single-stage cantilever centrifugal pumps, single-two-stage two-end supporting centrifugal oil pump and multistage centrifugal oil pumps three sub- series. Single-stage cantilever centrifugal oil pump is developed and renovated by the Shenyang Water Pump Institute  and this company, on basic of single-two cantilever centrifugal pumps of the old Y -type centrifugal pumps, drawing lessons of various characteristics from the existing domestic centrifugal oil pumps, and in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute "API610 petroleum , heavy chemical and industrial gas pump " standard.
Applications: petroleum refining , petrochemical and chemical industries , and delivery of liquid petroleum gas and other media without solid particles;
Performance advantages: the basic performance parameters inherited Y -type centrifugal pump type spectrum, easy for selection and replacement. Execution API610 standards; Cancel the two-stage structure cantilevered form, enhances the rotor stiffness, high reliability, small size, light weight, high efficiency hydraulic model selection; Efficiency up of 5-8 % compared with Y -type , good cavitation performance;
Technical Parameters: Flow Q = 1.5-360m3 / h, head H = 18-205m, 
transmission medium temperature t = -45 ℃ - +420 ℃.
Performance advantages: 
1,Basic performance parameters inherited Y-type centrifugal pump type spectrum, easy for selection and replacement; 
2,Implementation API160 standard; pump discharge size cancel the diameter Φ65, Φ125, etc.; pump materials perform API610 standard specifications. 
3, Abolition of two cantilevered structure type; 
4, Enhances the rigidity of the rotor, to improve the reliability; 
5,Small size and light weight to reduce manufacturing costs of the pump, and enhance market competitiveness; 
6, Best selection of efficient hydraulic model, the efficiency up of 5-8% compared with Y-type offers good cavitation performance.
BY cantilever single-stage centrifugal pump is mainly used in petroleum refining and transporting petroleum processing apparatus and its products, as well as transportation of flammable, explosive, toxic cleaning liquids and other similar liquids. 
Flow rate Q = 1.5-360m3 / h, head H = 18-205m, the transmission medium temperature t = -45 ℃ - +420 ℃
Structural features 
BY cantilever single-stage centrifugal pump is cut spit up, with two suction ways: axial suction and top suction.
When the transmission medium temperature t <200 ℃,use of standard API610 OH1 structure, means pump foot-mounted type; when transmission medium temperature ≥ 200 ℃,use of OH2 structure API610 standards, means pump centerline mounted type.
Radially split casing, particularly suitable for conveying high temperature, high pressure and flammable, explosive or toxic liquids. Seal chamber (stuffing) outside is cooling room, to cool; seal type can be soft packing seal and mechanical seal, execute "API610 standard" requirement, selection by user on basic of a variety of mechanical seals and piping systems for single-stage pump cantilever households. 
Pump case is rare-open structure, with a diaphragm pump coupling with longer segments, repair piping and pumps without moving the core components of the motor , good maintenance. 
The impeller is whole casting type, the balance of axial impeller advocated rely on back-sealing ring and impeller balance hole, residual axial force to withstand by a diagonal contact ball bearings, bearing lubrication is oil valley style, it comes slinger for small shaft diameter.Special heat-insulating cooling chamber for bearing suspension.
Working conditions 
This pump together with motor for indoor use or outdoor use, class of explosion-proof and degree of protection depends on the motor. Pump with same class of explosion-proof and the degree of protection, please be sure to specify these requirements at the time of ordering the product
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