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TEL:   +86-15921748232 (Whatsapp/Wechat)
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E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com
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TEL:   +86-15921748232 (Whatsapp/Wechat)

SKYPE:   aka1005240 

E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com





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Product name

SWG series water-supply equipment

High rise building water supply,second pressurized water, hot water boilers, pressure steady of pipeline;
Product description
Product overview
Traditional water supply method can never live without water storage tank. The water of the water storage tank is usually provided by the tap water pipeline network. Thus, after the water with pressure enters the water tank, the pressure will become null, this makes a large quantity of energy wasted. Having been developed by the professional technicians of our company based on variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment, SWG non-negative pressure water supply equipment is the complete set of water supply equipment that can be directly connected to tap water pipeline network and generates no negative pressure to the tap water pipeline network and brings about no secondary pollution. He can fully utilize the pressure of tap water pipeline network to supply water with direct superposed pressure, thus, it avoids secondary waste of energy and secondary pollution, greatly cuts down the investment on the equipments and shortens the construction period. SWG intelligent non-negative pressure superposed water supply equipment is composed of variable frequency control cabinet, non-negative steady flow tank, vacuum suppressor, liquid level detector, bump, complete pipeline valve unit, steady pressure tank, instruments for equipments and the like. It can be applied to all water supply places that require improvement of water pressure, constant water pressure and flow. It is a new generation energy-saving product in the field of water supply.
SWG non-negative pressure steady flow superposed water supply equipment adopts the advanced non-negative water supply technology. It is highly suitable for unstable urban pipeline water supply or the water consumption points located at the end of the urban network that requires pressurized water supply system. Via advanced non-negative technology, safety and environmental protection in water supply is assured, and it is guaranteed that it will never exert negative pressure to urban network.
Applications: high-rise building water supply,second pressurized water, hot water boilers, pressure -steady of pipeline; 
Performance advantages: can replace high water tank and water tower, the pressure is quite stable to avoid of pump starting and stoping frequently, starting sensitively and reliably, low noise; 
Technical Parameters: Flow 0-1000m3/hr; water pressure 0-2.5Mpa; equipment volume:0.11-8.64m3;Control:frequency,or other customer specified;
Performance advantages 
1, No need of pool, energy and resources saving 
SWG non-negative pressure steady flow superposed water supply equipment with advantage of economic, health, remarkable energy-saving effect, it’s proved that it can save more than 50% of the construction costs of the pool, compared with other water supply equipment, can save 20% to 40% by using SWG non-negative pressure steady-flow superposed water supply equipment
2, Easy to install, saving footprint 
SWG non-negative pressure steady flow superposed water supply equipment  can be equipped with horizontal steady-flow tank or vertical steady-flow tank. 2 tanks have different characteristics: horizontal tank occupies small space: vertical tank occupies small area. The manufacturing and testing of steady-flow tank are accordance with GB150 "steel pressure vessel", but without compressed gas inside tank, so to be excluded in the scope of the pressure vessel lines. The inside wall of tank using the anti-corrosion advanced "841 epoxy polyamide wall painting of food container ", products meet national food hygiene standards. 
3, Wildly application and high adaptability.  
SWG non-negative pressure steady flow superposed water supply equipment can be used for domestic water supply, but also for the fire-fighting system, you can configure any type of pump, it should be equipped with a fire pump. 
when the device is used for fire-fighting.
4, Full-featured, high degree of intelligence 
SWG non-negative pressure steady flow superposed water supply equipment  uses advanced frequency control technology, with protection function of soft start, overload, short circuit, overvoltage, under voltage, phase, thermal. The the signal alarm, self-test, fault diagnosis automatically in exceptional circumstances, and also automatically adjust water flow based on the level of water. 
5,Advanced and reliable quality 
The accessories of SWG non-negative pressure steady flow superposed water supply equipment after screening many manufacturers with reliable quality assurance,the product key parts, such as: motor, water pump bearings, inverters, circuit breakers, contactors , relays, etc. using the international and domestic high-quality brand-name products. 
6, Personalized design, unique 
SWG non-negative pressure steady flow superposed water supply equipment according to the pressure situation of water pipe network , to be equipped with small pressure tank, avoid of pump starting frequently to extend equipment life, its storage, regulator performance is more significant.
Working conditions 
1, Ambient temperature :0-40 ℃ 
2, Relative humidity: ≤ 85% (20 ± 5 ℃ pm) 
3, Medium temperature :4-70 ℃ 
4.Supply voltage: 380V (+5% -10%.).
Application scope
1.Living water for newly-built community or office building and the like.
2.Pressure of low-floor tap water fails to satisfy the required living and firefighting water.
3.In terms of transformation of air pressure water supply equipment, the original air pressure tank can also be used. 
4.The built water tank can also adopt the water supply method of coexistence of non-negative pressure water supply equipment and water tank, so as to further save more energy. 
5.Pressurized bump station in large water supply system such as tap water and the like.
6.Production and living water for industrial and mining enterprises.
7.Various circulating water system
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